Our Products

We have been very selective in choosing which products to use and offer in our salon. They must meet our standards of excellence for quality ingredients, company philosophy and continuing education.

The following information will give you an introduction to these products if you are not familiar with them. We are happy to further discuss the benefits of any of them should you have any additional questions.


SOJOURN. Positive chemistry for hair.

ZERO Shampoo Sulfates, Paraben, Formaldehyde, Salt, Gluten, Denatured Alcohol, Artificial Color.

100% Biodegradable with Globally Approved Preservative. Low pH (3.5 – 5.5) to aid in closing the cuticle to restructure chemical bonds and return hair to natural beautiful state. Formulated with Keratin Cashmere and Cystine, essential amino acids and proteins to penetrate and repair hair.

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Utilizing the latest advancements in plant stem cell technology, hairPhix gives you back your hair and scalp in just 5-7 applications.

pH 4.5 – 5.5; Vegan; Gluten Free; Alcohol Free; 100% Biodegradable; 100% Certified Organic Non GMO Plant Stem Cells.   Learn more at HairpHix.



This is a one hour treatment that reduces frizz and curl in ALL hair types. This in salon treatment utilizes an advanced co-polymer delivery system to penetrate the hair with keratin protein, delivering soft, silky texture and more manageable hair without the wait of traditional blow outs. Hair may be washed after only 8 hours. Results last up to 3 months, depending on hair type. See our Facebook page for before and after pictures.




Silk, one of nature’s strongest natural fibers, when combined with Leyton House Renewal Complex provides the hair with maximum color deposit and retention, strengthens and conditions the hair while helping regain up to 11% additional moisture leaving the hair feeling silky soft with lustrous shine. Leyton House Silk Renewal Complex is the latest in in coloring technology and contains the highest  quality refined pigments – providing a uniform distribution and deposit of color.

The Silk Renewal Complex strengthens and illuminates with Silk Amino Acids and Hydrolyzed Silk, Pearl Extract and a UV Filter. It repairs and renews by utilizing Beeswax, Green Tea, Rice and Milk Proteins, Cashmere Protein, Lanolin and Vegetable Oil.

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Original Sprout was founded by Inga Tritt, Mother and Master Stylist, inspired by the birth of her daughter in 2002.  Parents & Stylists trust and share Original Sprout products because they work effortlessly.  They also love Original Sprouts family friendly, safe & soothing ingredients.  Original Sprout uses fragrances & essential oils that are approved by California’s Safe Cosmetics Program & the European Cosmetics Directive. By creating safe fragrances smelling good is worry-free! Our fragrances are free of ingredients linked to estrogen & hormone disruption, autism and cancer concerns such as: Phthalates, Dioxanes 1, 4, Sulfates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Acetaldehydes, Styrene, Toluene, Glycol Ethers, Ethylene Oxide, Musk, Lavender or Tea Tree Oils, Clove, Soy, Nonylphenol, Mineral or Petroleum Oils, Triclosan, Eurethane, 1-2 Propylene Oxide, Placenta, Synthetic Colors & Titanium Dioxide or Nanoparticles.