Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are very proud of our stylists. We think they are the best in the business; and we can say that with confidence because of each stylist’s passion and dedication to our craft and our clients. The following will give you a brief introduction to each of our team members. If you have trouble deciding who you want to book your appointment with, we completely get it! Give us a call and we will pair you with the stylist who will best suit your needs.

Robyn Liston, Owner & Licensed Stylist/American Board Certified Hair Colorist

I love my job! (Something I couldn’t always say.) It has been quite a journey, but everything I have done has prepared me for where I am. I feel that I have finally found my purpose. That it feels like playing with my Barbies all day long is icing on the cake!

I have found my passion as a Cosmetologist and as an Owner of a beautiful salon. My vision for Lotus Hair Spa is to raise the bar for our industry. I want Lotus Hair Spa to be the place where customers look forward to each visit and where stylists love to work. I feel that we have created a relaxing atmosphere with happy employees excited to practice their art.  No challenge is too great or small… come in… let’s play!


Tracy Oswald, Independent Licensed Stylist

I have had a passion for doing hair since I was about 10 years old. It is so rewarding to come to work everyday because I love what I do and love making some one else feel good about themselves.

I am married and have two girls and one boy. We are all very involved in sports and love spending time together. This profession gives me the perfect balance – I get to do what I love and have time for my family.



Rochelle French, Independent Licensed Stylist/Certified in All BABE hair extensions

My dream of being a hairdresser started when I was a child. My mom would take me with her to the salon when she got her hair done. I watched every move the stylist made. When she was finished, my mom seemed to walk taller and smile brighter. After seeing how the stylist transformed my mom, not just her hair, but her confidence too, inspired me.

I love making people feel great about themselves. Each day and each head of hair bring a new (and welcome) challenge. These are challenges that require me to be my very best. I’ve been told that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I truly love being a stylist and doing it at Lotus Hair Spa.


Tanya Clark, Licensed Stylist

“From Russia with Love” – a very well known expression – describes how I feel when I work. As a native Russian living in America since 2005, I learned hair styling techniques in California where I had unforgettable training and experiences with mentors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, I have had the benefit of great stylists surrounding and supporting me. When a client is in my chair I give that person all my attention, time, skills and knowledge. I listen well to what my client needs and wants and we work to create the most suitable look to fit that person. I value quality over speed, so I give all the time necessary to achieve our desired results.


Kendall Berrier, Licensed Independent Stylist

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”

I am an energetic stylist who is passionate about her work. Choosing to be a cosmetologist is one of the decisions I’ve ever made. Every head of hair is a different canvas and I love seeing the art I create. Knowing that I can make someone else feel beautiful is truly inspiring and a feeling I never want to give up.

In my free time I love to spend time in the outdoors breathing fresh air and soaking up sunshine!

Melissa Macedo, Licensed Stylist

April Saenz, Licensed Esthetician/Make Up Artist/Certified Lash Professional